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Our Human Resources Approach

Profen Group of Companies provides its employees with  a fair and transparent environment where their voices can be heard and employees can find opportunities to reveal their potential. Profen aims for high performance, development-oriented thinking, strong and effective leadership in all areas, creating a happy, productive and successful workforce with high corporate culture and loyalty where each employee contributes to Profen’s future.

Talent Acquisition

We offer individuals opportunities to learn and use technology such as satellite and communication systems, microwave, automation, artificial intelligence and new business models that are compatible with the business world. We contribute to the development of our employees by enabling them to think in a design-oriented manner in this work flow process, we monitor the work harmony by observing their performances, evaluating their knowledge and competencies together with the projects that will increase their technical knowledge. By creating a positive communication culture, we ensure that strong employees are raised.

Our Recruitment Approach

We recruit people with experience, knowledge and skills in line with the needs and goals of our organisation. In this process, we continue our recruitment interviews with an objective and equal approach ensuring the confidentiality of each candidate. Along with competency-based interviews, we evaluate technical competence and behavioral characteristics. In our structure with its long history, we especially focus on seeking candidates who look for success in their career with us, who embrace their job, and who will add value to our organisation in the long run. We aim to create a strong and sustainable culture.


Placement steps;
  • Technical and Behavioral Competence,
  • Technical measurement tests, general ability, language ability measurement tests in line with the needs of the position,
  • Department manager and General Manager meetings held with the candidates whose application process is approved,
  • Job offers are made to approved candidates after reference research and wage studies,
  • Orientation Program is organised in order to accelerate the adaptation process.

Shaping the Future

Our basic culture includes what the individual wants to be remembered for and what he / she wants to contribute to his / her professional or private life. With this culture, we ensure that our employees are assigned to a higher position where they can show their potential at the highest level by closely following their performance or work in different fields via rotation. With the advantage of our multi-group company structure, we offer internal career opportunities where our employees can demonstrate their potential in different business lines.

In line with the criteria of the “R&D Center Award and Incentive Directive”, we  contribute to the professional development of our employees in the Research and Development area  and ensure that our employees specialise in our organisation;

We offer opportunities in the following:
  • Doctorate and Master’s Education Support,
  • Scientific Publication Award,
  • Project Development Award,
  • Patent Registration Award.

Our Priority in Development

As a technology company, we think that healthy growth should focus on managerial competencies as well as technical competencies. We aim to increase the performance of the company by offering development opportunities that will reveal their potential. In this direction, we try to train managers from within the company by supporting technical and behavioral training within the organisation. With the trainings given within the scope of PROFEN Academy, we enable our employees to discover through self-awareness, to find their shortcomings open to development and their successful aspects.

Some of the trainings we provide include:
  • Fundamentals of Management Development Program
  • Fundamentals of Leadership Professional Development Program
  • Project Management Trainings
  • Foreign Language Education

Technical Trainings

With our “Business Review Workshop” programs within the company, we contribute to the development of our employees by focusing on the way they do business.

Candidate Engineer Program

This program is designed to prepare engineer candidates for the future. Student interns in Profen are selected by our R&D team in accordance with the technical competence criteria, and the opportunity to work in our company is offered at the end of the internship.

  • Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
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