R & D

Profen’s R&D activities which started in 2009 with the aim of providing a sustainable competitive advantage and strengthen its growth potential in all activity areas of Profen Group companies, has become a corporate entity with the establishment of the R&D Center in accordance with the law numbered 5746 in 2017. Within this corporate structure, the R&D center continues its work for the purpose of developing technologies required for the unique products and solutions needed by internal and external customers. The R&D Center is responsible for the realization of strategic R&D initiatives in line with Profen’s mission, vision and goals.

Profen’s R&D Center has adopted four basic R&D strategies to fulfill this task:

  • Developing TRL-6 and higher technologies by carrying out applied R&D, customer-oriented, agile innovation / innovation processes,
  • Maximising R&D revenues through new products, patents, copyrights and trademarks,
  • To research and develope in cooperation with academia and industry, without being restricted to only Profen resources and competencies,
  • To minimize R&D costs through funded R&D projects, state and international R&D incentives at the highest level.

Projects that the R&D Center are currently conducting:

  • RF and Microwave Systems
  • Mechanic Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Software/Embedded Systems
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud IT Systems
  • Embedded Systems & Hardware Development
  • Signal Processing
  • Cyber Security

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