​​​Profen’s perspective on sustainiability focuses on efficiency, with an eye to determining risks before they occur. Through its sustainiability policies, Profen aims to produce lasting values and reinforce effective utilization of resources for its employees.

To this end, Profen sustainability policies are based on environmental, social and corporate management which includes effective management of risks on occupational health and safety, increasing company performance and production efficiency, protecting environmental balance and natural resources through efficient energy use, complying with national and international legislation requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Quality Policies

In accordance to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Profen gaurantees to place its customer satisfaction above all else, to follow technological developments closely, to perform reliable, honest, planned and timely services with the awareness of continuous improvement, and to improve the development and career of its employees by giving importance to regular training opportunities.

Environmental Policies

Profen embraces an integrated approach towards the protection of the environment by undertaking policies that eliminate environmental impact risks, especially those that may arise from its operations in the supply and production processes of products and services.

Occupational Health and Safety

Profen has made it a priority to create a work environment where all stakeholders and employees can carry out their activities under healthy and safe conditions, while eliminating all types of risk. To this end, occupational health and safety in line with globally accepted standards are closely monitored and implemented systematically in all Profen companies.

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