Message from our CEO

Esteemed Business Partners and Colleagues,

We set off with a dream as newly graduated young engineers in 1995. Our goal was to bring a professional engineering approach in the satellite communications sector which was untouched territory in Turkey. Profen was born from such a dream, with its meaning originating from “Professional Engineering”.

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of Profen, which we founded with zero capital but with great ideals, I can proudly say that Profen transformed from a single room company to an important player not only in the field of satellite communications, but also in different sectors such as defense technologies, engineering solutions and R&D; where it has become a consulted global brand.

When we look back at the past 25 years, we have achieved unique projects that we are proud to have taken part in. Together, we experienced the difficulties of conducting R&D activities along with the excitement of designing brand new products, and we still continue to do so.

We are a huge family full of enthusiasm to learn, never losing our ambition to improve ourselves.

We are working hard to meet the needs of the ecosystem we live in and to design expectations of the future from today onwards.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, we have never lost our excitement in carrying our Profen brand to every area where it can make a difference. Today, we are taking advantage of new partnership opportunities, investing in new technologies and trying to provide added value to our country, and set an example and encourage future generations of young entrepreneurs. We are happy to offer our experience to young generations and give them the strength to follow their vision by establishing close ties with universities and Incubation Centers.

We believe that together, we will achieve great accomplishments. Just as we pursued our dream of becoming the most successful, big global company 25 years ago when founding Profen, this will all happen with a dream…

Yours Respectfully,

Önder Havuzlu
CEO – Profen Group

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