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It Has Come To Our Attention That…

Attaining sustainable commercial success and healthy growth in organisations that require team work, in particular technology companies, is possible with both high-performance management of people as well as technical competencies. In this respect, we founded Profen Academy for the purpose of reaching rapid growth through an environment of team spirit within the company.

Shortly after we started our trainings, participants of our seminars started asking “When is the next training?”. After realising that the training we offer resulted in such a high level of interest, we concluded that this platform is not only limited to our company but to all participants who have a passion to learn.

Our Goals

Since Plato’s Akademia (4th Century BC), “Academy” has been the symbol of high level thinking and creative action. Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others. At the same time, actions have their foundation on research-based thinking. Company based academies are a knowledge capital and brand strategy. Moreover, their aim is to shape the corporate culture that will encourage leadership, creative thinking and problem solving. Profen’s goal is to offer opportunities to its employees, stakeholders and to society with the awareness that the investment it makes in people has utmost importance. Profen aims to increase the performance of the company by offering development opportunities that will reveal the potential of each employee in line with the corporate vision, as we as all other interested participants who are open to development.

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