In today’s world, companies have started to review their strategies and evaluate the benefits of digitalization with respect to their operations and businesses in line with new and rapidly developing technological opportunities.

The importance of fast, reliable communication and data services have become more evident. A robust and advanced data infrastructure is essential for the operations of ongoing projects and the secure transmission of sensitive content.

In an environment where digital change has become inevitable in the telecommunications sector, Profen closely monitors innovations with its dedicated team of professionals. Profen aims to continue bringing cutting-edge technology and next-generation services and remain a leader in the telecommunications and data sector by developing long-term strategies to solve problems encountered in the industry.

Profen plays an important role in improving the quality and security of the communication of its customers by using its expertise in satellite communications ground stations and subsystem, low current wiring and other infrastructure projects, audio/video and data services. With its experience in advanced and new generation technologies, Profen offers turn-key solutions.

With its operational flexibility and engineering capabilities provided by its competent and qualified human resources, Profen has become a preferred solution provider and integrator for all products and systems in Communication Technologies, Teleport & Satellite Network Services and Media & Broadcasting. Profen’s portfolio of over 80 product groups enables it to offer solutions for all communication infrastructures in both main and subsystem components.


  • Communications Technologies
  • Teleport & Satellite Network Services
  • Media & Broadcast
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